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We usually dispatch all orders on Mondays. By sending the parcels at the beginning of the week we make sure that the transport is as short as possible (the parcel usually arrives during the same week - even to many european countries).

To be able to dispatch the orders on Monday, we need some time to prepare and pack all the plants and parcels. That is why we have set deadlines for orders: it is usually the Friday midnight. Orders that arrive (and are confirmed by us and paid by the customer) before the deadline will be packed on Sunday and sent on Monday. Orders that we receive later (Sunday, Monday etc.) will be dispatched in the next week's shipping batch (=next Monday).

Several times during the year we attend larger exhibitions and other events. Of course, during these events we can not pack the plants as we are abroad or busy, so the orders are dispatched in the next shipping date and we inform our customers about the delay.